It's time for an assistant.

Amber, the pioneering virtual property research assistant, gives you more freedom to make you more productive.

Break free from property research

Make unlimited, free property research requests in Western North Carolina using Amber during our Beta. We're adding counties as fast as we can, and the more properties you search the better Amber is going to get at her job. Help us help you!

How it works

Take property research off your plate and focus on what matters most.

1. Search
Amber keeps up to date with active properties, so preforming an address lookup with us is just like going to the county's website.
2. Confirm
Amber will then present you with the property's public information to let you verify owner names, deed page, and lots more.
3. Delegate
Click one button and you're done! Our team will pull the deed, the most recent tax bill, a copy of the property card and a GIS image with the property highlighted.

Want to see for yourself?!

Why tell when you can show? Sign up today to see Amber in action!